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Heineken Premium Light is brewed with a horizonal phase during the fermentation process which allows lower pressures to make a smoother brew with more balanced flavors. Premium Light is a softer take on Heineken’s original brew, but still packs all the taste into a mere 99 Calories. It’s all a long way removed from the humble origins of the company in 1863. Gerard Adriaan Heineken was so appalled by the depravity and drunkenness caused by gin drinking in Amsterdam that he told his mother he would make healthy beer for the masses if she would buy a brewery for him. Mrs Heineken dutifully broke open her piggy bank and bought De Hooiberg – the Haystack – brewery, the largest in the Dutch capital, with records going back to 1592. Heineken was an instant success. Within a few years he had built a second brewery in Amsterdam and opened a third plant in Rotterdam by 1873. The Haystack closed long ago but it remains a potent symbol of the history and growth of the company, with every Heineken brewery throughout the world sporting a Haystack bar. 12 Pack Minimum Purchase

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