Red Stripe Lager – 6 Pack, 11.2oz Btls


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A refreshing lager with lots of flavors and a bit of sweetness. Hooray Beer! Red Stripe has been named as one of the Top 15 most trusted brands by Generation Y trendsetters for it’s strong Jamaican roots, authenticity, cool cachet and down to earth appeal. No glitz and fancy hype, just a great tasting beer in a simple stubby brown bottle. Often considered “The People’s Beer”, Red Stripe is the soul of Jamaica and the home of creative self expression. Forget the glass, grab a bottle and enjoy life. “Don’t worry, be happy” Red Stripe was first brewed in 1928. From the very beginning, a superior approach to quality was adopted. With the intent on producing a beer of international quality, the company’s first Jamaican brew master- the Honorable Paul Geddes, traveled around the world to extract the very best from other brew masters and experts. Geddes, along with his colleague, Bill Martindale developed the winning formula for Red Stripe. Back then the beer was more like an ale, heavier and darker than its now famous successor. Over the years the formula was further perfected by successive Jamaican brew masters. Red Stripe is now brewed in Jamaica using state-of-the-art brewing and fermenting facilities undergoing rigorous world-class quality control processes. 12 PACK Minimum Purchase

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