The White Doe California White Blend 2013 750ml


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THE STORY: THE WHITE DOE myth is closely tied to the early history of American winemaking. In colonial times, tories were told of a mysterious white deer who haunted the forests of the new world. The doe’s beauty and grace were indeed supernatural— as the legend went, this elusive creature had once been a fair-haired girl, a happy and healthy child raised among the Croatoan tribe in what is now known as the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As a young woman, her beauty and kindness was renowned. She was loved by all who beheld her. Many men vied for her hand; but when she resisted the advances of a man who possessed the power of magic, he cursed her. His spell transformed her into a white doe, fated to roam the forests forever. To this day, the spirit of the white doe represents the gurgling brooks, blue skies, and verdant glades of a bounteous, wild America, a place that still exists in the history, myths, and character of this land. THE WINE THE WHITE DOE wine is a light and refreshing blend of 80% Chenin Blanc and 20% Viognier. The Chenin Blanc provides bright, natural acidity and juicy flavors of white grapes, honeydew melon, and fresh citrus. The Viognier adds silky weight to the palate, classic white peach flavors, and exquisite floral notes.

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