Stirrings Simple Margarita 750ml


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MORE THAN A LIBATION; IT’S A LIFESTYLE How many times have you heard someone claim that they make the definitive, best, most delicious Margarita ever? The truth is, great margaritas only come from using the best, natural ingredients. That’s why we use real lime juice and pure cane sugar, perfectly balanced with triple sec. It’s a recipe we spent a whole lot of time on, so that you could make the same claim. Frozen Margarita – A Frozen Classic 2 oz. Stirrings Margarita Mixer 1.5 oz. Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila Garnish: Stirrings Margarita Rimmer Combine Margarita Mixer tequila and plenty of ice in a blender. Blend for 20 seconds and pour into a salted glass. Mamie Taylor An Old-Fashioned Treat! (Extremely popular in the early part of the 20th Century, the Mamie Taylor fell out of favor during prohibition and never really recovered. Which is too bad, as it is really quite an enjoyable and refreshing drink!) 1.5 oz. Stirrings Margarita Mixer 1.5 oz. Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Build in an iced rocks tumbler; short shake. Classic Tanqueray Rickey The Classic Refreshment with a Rangpur Lime Twist 1.5 oz. Stirrings Margarita Mixer 1.25 oz. Tanqueray Rangpur Gin Top with Stirrings Club Soda. Layer ingredients in a glass. Stir gently.

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