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Stella Artois pours to a clear pale golden color, well carbonated, with a beautiful head of rocky white foam. The nose is fairly clean, predominantly malty, with a touch of grain. The fragrant hops typical of classic Czech pilsners are also evident, albeit to a lesser extent. As with many European pilsners this beer is served in the green bottle. It’s pretty smooth on the palate, light in body, with a light but crisp carbonated bite. Overall the flavor is on the sweeter side, slightly fruity, but balanced well by a delicate but sharp hop bitterness and dryness. The Artois brewery dates back to 1366 and was acquired by Sebastien Artois in 1717. Stella Artois was first brewed as a Christmas beer in 1926 and was so popular that they just kept making it. Today the Artois brewery is part of the multinational conglomerate, Interbrew. Stella Artois is the biggest selling Belgian beer and is available in over 80 countries. Stella Artois is Belgium’s answer to the Bohemian pilsner category. With the many complex and characterful strong ales coming out of Belgium and lack of lighter lagers, as well as the big company ownership, you’ll understand that Stella Artois is open to fire from the outset. 12 PACK Minimum Purchase

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