Spirits of the Tsars Vodka 1L


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The history of the Spirits of the Tsars formula dates back 500 years. This complex recipe has been kept in strict confidence. The Phenomenon of Spirits of the Tsars is her unique aroma, taste, rich bouquet and colour. It is a rye-wheat grain golden vodka, distilled 6 times and infused with all natural and organic ingredients, twice fermented, then aged in oak cognac barrels which provides its soft light caramel colour. The result is a very-slight sweet long finish. A real treat for the connoisseur of fine spirits. 86 Proof “Unobtainium” -Production and exclusive distribution of our Spirits of the Tsars golden vodka will be limited to select establishments worldwide. This is an exclusive beverage only for patrons with a discriminating taste. The presentation and ambience of the One Liter Bottle Front Label with 24-Carat Gold veneer and period correct Russian, while the back label tells our story and its history in English, makes a great conversation piece. Experience Spirits of the Tsars and expect the unexpected. Accolades 5 Stars – 100/100 Perfect Score Spirits of the Tsars is a golden vodka like no other. It is an exercise in opulence – a vodka fit for presentation to a Tsar, for certain. From a 500 year old recipe, this vodka, produced in the Ukraine, is infused with fruits, vanilla, and caramelized sugar then aged in oak cognac barrels for three years, giving it a caramel color. There will only be 10,000 cases made per year. The bottle itself, produced in France, is a reflection of the craftsmanship in the vodka. The logo (representing a Faberge egg with a ghostly image of Tsar Nicholas), along with the Romanov Family Crest, are a 24-carat gold veneer. Even the cork was handpicked. -Robert Brodrecht, VodkaBuzz.com

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