Sonoma Cider ‘The Washboard’ 12ox 4-pack Bottles


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ROOT BEER IS FOR KIDS. The Washboard is a decidedly adult beverage for grownups who can appreciate the sophisticated flavor of imported Indian sarsaparilla blended with the crisp, tart juice of organic Pacific Northwest apples, and finished with a touch of vanilla. It might make you a bit nostalgic for your favorite childhood quaff, but not for long. After your first couple of sips of The Washboard’s mild earthy flavor, creamy texture, and notes of caramel and vanilla, you’ll be glad you’re all grown up. Key ingredients: organic apples, organic sarsaparilla root from India Alcohol: 5.5% ABV Residual Sugar: 2.5 BRIX; Off-dry Flavor profile: earthy and rooty at first, with a clean, refreshing, not-too-sweet finish. Secret sauce: Reminiscent of homemade, barrel-aged root beer, but not really.

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