Singha Lager Beer – 6 Pack, 12oz Btls


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The golden liquid is produced using the finest quality barley, malt and hops, imported from around the world, together with the pure artisan water, with a special balance that is unique only to our areas, distinguishing the taste from other beers. Distinguished brewmasters from Thailand and Germany ensure the quality of the product and the balance in taste. The Original Thai Beer Since 1933. Boonrawd Brewery being the first Thai brewery, the process leading up to the building of the brewery created much interest in Thailand at the time. Many visits to the brewery were made by members of the Royal Family, politicians, and foreign envoys, as well as other important individuals to see the new in-thing at the time. With Singha Corporation’s continual expansions, processes and technologies continually updated, Singha’s breweries are one of the most technological advanced in the world. 12 PACK Minimum Purchase

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