Rocca del Principe Fiano di Avellino 2009 750ml


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A beautiful straw yellow color with very clear and of good consistency. All the olfactory impact is intense and delicate, smokey, floral and fruity notes of fresh citrus fruit. This Fiano is full bodied, fruit driven wine redolent of pears and hazelnut with balanced acidity and a creamy, rich finish. 100% Estate-grown Fiano di Avellino fruit from Arianiello Fiano, meaning vine “beloved of bees,” is a grape indigenous to Campania and is one of the most interesting white grapes of southern Italy. Husband and wife winemaking duo Aurelia Fabrizio and Ercole Zarrella have instantly commanded the attention of critics and consumers alike, through the sheer breadth of aromatics, minerals and compelling nuances displayed in their substantial Fiano di Avellino. Their philosophy is a focused one: low production in the vineyards and minimal intervention in the cellar, translate to high quality in the bottle. This principle informs all their decisions throughout production.

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