Porfidio Tequila Plata Agave Jalisco 750ml


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PORFIDIO PLATA SUPER-JALISCO VINTAGE 2013 (LIMITED EDITION) is made only from fully mature 10 year old 100% Blue Agave (aka Agave Tequilana Weber) from the delimited Jalisco region, hence a Super-Jalisco. The agave is processed by traditional means via heat hydrolysis in brick ovens. Only first-press agave juice is used, which is then naturally fermented and triple-distilled in traditional alembics for extra smoothness. It is then aged for additional extra-extra-smoothness for two years in ceramic barrels in order to bring to the fore the delicious aroma complexity of the ‘blue agave’ agave variety without any distorting wood aromas. Absolutely delicious and unique! Note: Porfidio Plata was last available in 2007 (Vintage 2007). Following a few lackluster harvest years, it is now available again in its 2013 Vintage expression. Due to very limited production, Crown Wine & Spirits has procured the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to this one of its kind vintage-dated blue agave spirit. Furthermore, it is bottled in a very attractive hand-blown glass bottle in Caribbean-blue glass color with a glass palm figurine in its midst. Simply Think Cabo San Lucas or Cancun on the beach, as this bottle fully represents the spirit! And enjoy your beach vacation in the comfort of your home! Exclusively available WORLDWIDE at any of our retail locations or online! Limited Edition – Only 1000 bottles released!

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