Porfidio Reposado Tequila 750ml


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Reposado is by definition a hybrid ageing form particular and exclusive to spirits produced in Hispanic countries. It is hybrid by nature of the fact that any Reposado spirit in any spirits category is actually “incompletely” aged for only a few months. This is done deliberately and by full intent, as such short ageing imbues a white spirit with a slight wood aroma. However, the spirit is still dominated by the raw material aroma prevalent in white, unaged spirits (in our case, blue agave). Consequently, ‘Reposado’ is neither a true white spirit nor a truly aged spirit, but a hybrid form of these two. The Reposado by Porfidio is fundamentally aligned with this approach, but slightly accommodates the taste to a less ethnically oriented market. This is achieved by ageing ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ for eight months instead of the customary two months; hence it is labeled as Reposado“Extra”. All other product characteristics are identical to ‘The Anejo by Porfidio’. The Reposado by Porfidio is made from 100% first-growth Blue Agave from the geographically delimited Jalisco region in Mexico. Super-Jalisco has half the methanol content of the industry average for 100% reposado tequilas, as it is produced via enzymatic hydrolysis, not heat hydrolysis. The Reposado by Porfidio is distilled with state-of-the-art German Hollstein Alembic equipment. The Reposado by Porfidio is classified as Reposado, but labeled as ‘Reposado Extra’ to highlight the 8 months vs. 2 months element. The Reposado by Porfidio is continuously aged in hand-toasted virgin oak barrels throughout the entire ageing period. Finest quality, hand-made glass bottle

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