Patron Tequila Gran Patron Burdeos 750ml


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The world’s #1 ultra-premium tequila proudly gives you Gran Patron Burdeos. A tequila matured in a combination of new barrels made of American mountain oak and oaks from the different regions of France. The tequilas are placed in these barrels and aged for a minimum of 12 months at the company’s seventh-century French Colonial hacienda in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Each bottle is then distilled once again before being racked in hand-selected Bordeaux barrels from the finest chateaux of Bordeaux, France. (The name “Burdeos” means “Bordeaux” in Spanish.) There they sit for a specific period of time to add the unique fruity flavors of the finest Bordeaux wines. This allows the gentle and complex Anejo Burdeos to be accentuated by the fine Gran Patron Platinum married with the subtle flavors extracted from the aging barrels of the finest Bourdeaux in the world. We finish our masterpiece by packaging it in a velvet-lined wooden box and adorning it with a custom corkscrew and a crystal stopper. Thus we give you Gran Patron Burdeos.

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