Noilly Prat Original Rouge 750ml


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Noilly Prat Rouge is beautifully crafted in the South of France using the finest white wines. Some of these wines are selectively aged in oak casks and gently infused with the finest quality aromatic herbs and spices, to create the unique taste of Noilly Prat Rouge with spicy notes of saffron, cloves and cocoa beans. Perfect chilled on its own with a twist of orange, or in cocktails. This is Noilly Prat’s sweet vermouth, which was created in 1956. It uses the same base wines, but also includes caramel coloring to give it its red hue. Down the ages, the barrels of wine have been transported by boat, even travelling on the bridge of ships, exposed to the sun and spray. It was through this happy coincidence that the beneficial effect of transportation on wine was discovered. After the combined action of time and the elements, it was noticed that its flavour became fuller, its colour more amber. During the last century, Joseph Noilly decided to recreate this natural process in order to develop an original production method. This was how, in 1813, he developed the first formula for dry French vermouth. In 1855, his son Louis Noilly joined together with his son-in-law Claudius Prat, to form the company that became Noilly Prat. It was at Marseillan, a sunny port in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast that they chose to set up business.

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