Neige Bubble Premium Sparkling Apple Wine750ml


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NEIGE Bubble is a sparkling cider made from fresh hand picked apples. Produced using the traditional method, this naturally sparkling cider is dosed with our NEIGE Première apple ice wine which makes it unique, special, refreshing and delicate! Produced since 1994, NEIGE Première was the leading inspiration of La Face Cachée de la Pomme (hidden side of the apple). It was the very first apple ice wine to be commercialized in Québec and throughout the world. 100% McIntosh (apple known for its sweet and acidic taste) and Spartan (very sweet apple with a slight pear flavour) from the dosage of NEIGE apple ice wine. Perfect Pairings Ideal to open the appetite. Perfect at the brunch or to accompany fresh fruits – strawberries, carambolas – and shellfish.

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