Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage Blanc 2006 750ml


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Grand Vintage 2006 is a refined and complex wine with delightfully fruity freshness. Aged for 7 years, Grand Vintage is a truly unique blend based on the harvest of 2006’s extraordinary grapes. Harvest Notes After a particularly cold winter, spring saw periods of frost and early summer brought hail, causing damage that, fortunately, was limited. Summer saw contrasting conditions: a heat wave in July followed by a cool, rainy August resulted in differing degrees of maturity across vineyards, but the hot, dry weather of early September facilitated ripening. Extending from September 7th to September 25th, the starting dates for the harvest indicate a determination to allow the grapes to reach a proper state of ripeness in every sector. The relatively abundant yield enabled selective harvesting and the avoidance of several areas affected by bunch rot as the end of the season turned rainy and grey. In the end, the sugar content of the grapes was relatively high with an acidity level close to the average for the decade, a balance similar to that of 2002. The flavors of this wine are rich and supple, and the aromas are light and airy. The champagne’s dual nature—both succulent and light—is best paired with: – Fish – Scallops – Crab – Crayfish Tasting Notes Color: Pale yellow with green highlights. Bouquet: Initial notes of just ripened fruits – peach, mango and banana – are rounded out with mature notes of white pepper, flint and marzipan. As the wine breathes, the bouquet is refreshed with delicate floral notes of honeysuckle, bergamot and anise. Palate: A preliminary crispness brought to life by notes of nectarine and currant gives way to a succulent, creamy richness, with a languid, bittersweet finish of pomelo.

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