Michters US*1 Small Batch Original Sour Mash Whiskey 750ml


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Honey hue with copper or amber around the edge. Beads up in medium-width slow beads. Very candied aromas, fruity with orange and apricot, but at the same time chewy caramel, nougat with some floral notes in attendance. While the official take (Michter’s own) on the sensation is that it starts out as sweet and Bourbon-like and turns to spicy rye notes, we tasted the same things, but in the opposite direction. Begins with a lot of mouth tingle, sort of like menthol lozenge that greets you with a big spicy presence and then becomes candy-like with sparkles of fruit (cherry and orange) and honey. A touch of water reveals even more fruit. Becomes more savory as it starts to tale off with incidental sweet-fruit explosions. -Jack Bettridge, Cigar Aficionado The latest whiskey from Michter’s, a brand which now traces it roots to 1752 Pennsylvania and is now being produced in Kentucky, does not follow the company’s recent trend of bottling Bourbons and ryes, but is rather a recreation of a style made at its former distillery that was shuttered in 1989. At the time it was Michter’s most popular offering. The new/old brand, which first returned to limited distribution in December, is a whiskey that smacks of both rye and Bourbon, but speaks of neither mash bill in its title. That reflects both the fence-sitting formulation of the whiskey as it was first made and the reluctance of the present makers to reveal the conditions of how it is now reconstituted. If you drink the whiskey that warmed General Washington’s troops at Valley Forge, does that make you a patriot? Not necessarily, but it indicates you appreciate that Michter’s sets the standard for highest quality, limited production whiskeys.

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