Michters US*1 Small Batch Original Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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We are proud to offer you our Small Batch Bourbon. In the Michter’s tradition hailing from America’s first whiskey distilling company, this bourbon is made from a proprietary mashbill that features the highest quality American corn and is then matured to the peak of perfection. It is then mellowed by our signature filtration. Production: Small batch. Limited quantities. Bottling Strength: 91.4 Proof (45.7% Alcohol by Volume) Cooperage: Fire-charred, new American white oak barrels. If you drink the whiskey that warmed General Washington’s troops at Valley Forge, does that make you a patriot? Not necessarily, but it indicates you appreciate that Michter’s sets the standard for highest quality, limited production whiskeys. Patsy’s Bourbon Balls 1 full cup chopped pecans 6 tbsp Michter’s US*1 Bourbon 1 bag dark chocolate chips 1/2 a stick margarine 3 3/4 cup confectioners sugar Soak pecans in Michter’s US*1 Bourbon in an airtight container for four days. Flip the container half way through to fully coat the pecans. The pecans should absorb all of the Michter’s US*1 Bourbon. Mix butter, sugar and pecans. Roll into 1-inch balls, refrigerate overnight. Pour dark chocolate chips into microwave safe bowl, microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes. Remove chocolate every minute and stir. Dip refrigerated balls into the melted dark chocolate. Place in an airtight container and refrigerate. Pair with Michter’s US*1 Bourbon.

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