Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey 750ml


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Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey is simple and delicious: it is an expert blend of American Rye Whiskey, Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea, a touch of Organic Mexican Blue Agave bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey combines the craft of American Whiskey with the complex taste and natural health benefits of premium gunpowder green tea. Our green tea is amazing. It’s packed with natural energy, antioxidants and unique flavor — and it compliments the whiskey! We hope you agree and find Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey thoroughly refreshing, approachable and invigorating. Green tea contains high concentrations of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey is PACKED with 140.8mg of polyphenols per 8oz serving, more than most cups of green tea! Marlee’s believes in its ingredients – it’s simple and pure, not much adornment needed – so the idea is to just pour it over ice and then add mint or lemon or both. You can also add a splash of lemonade if you want to have a twist on the classic Arnold Palmer.

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