Malheur 10 Golden Ale – 4 Pack, 11.2oz Btls


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Very flowery, very cleansing, very appetizing. It would be a terrific aperitif beer. You can serve it reasonably cold, it has enough big flavors to withstand that. The yeast originally came from the Affligem brewery nearby, and they have sold so much now to the brewery at Malheur, that it’s really the Malheur yeast. It’s quite a fruity beer. Flowery, dry, very long. Despite its great strength, ten percent, it’s a very thirst cutting beer. And a very, very appetizing beer. It’s a little bit like an even bigger brother to its neighbor, Duvel. If you like Duvel, I think you’ll like this one. It is a bit strong; Duvel’s only eight and half percent, this is ten. 12 PACK Minimum Purchase

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