Louis XIII Time Collection The Origin 1874


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THE ORIGIN – 1874 THIS FIRST EDITION COMMEMORATES THE CREATION OF LOUIS XIII, 142 YEARS AGO LOUIS XIII presents The Time Collection: a series of special limited editions showcasing milestones in the history of LOUIS XIII. Each is an invitation to take a journey which few have the honor of experiencing. Like the great adventurers of old, travelling to experience the thrill of discovery, the Time Collection recounts the LOUIS XIII journey. It is a voyage through many lands and times, a tale of legends, celebrities and great statesmen. THE ORIGIN – 1874 commemorates the creation of LOUIS XIII. The original decanter was not quite the one the world has come to know. It had spikes, known as dentelles in French, but instead of the ten spikes that are featured today, it had thirteen, just like the original metal flask. It was stamped with royal fleur-de-lys on its front and was nestled in straw in a wicker basket. Finally, the stopper was not the fleur-de-lys we know today, but a miniature upturned decanter, spiked with dentelles itself. DETAILS TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL LOUIS XIII DECANTERS OF THAT TIME: A mouth blown hollow stopper in its original shape 13 teeth on each side instead of 10 The central fleur-de-lys decorated in champagne gold Metallic, light-gold colored coffret reminiscent of the wicker baskets that were originally used to transport LOUIS XIII

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