Krug Champagne 2000 750ml


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Since 1843, six generations of the Krug family have been creating the finest and rarest Champagnes. Crafting exclusively prestige cuvées every year, Krug is the best-rated Champagne house in the industry. Krug Vintage is crafted only if the year has an exceptional story to tell. Krug 2000 is rich and precise, bringing together the complexity and generosity of a climatically chaotic year. Harvest Notes: 2000 was a year of extremes, at once hot, rainy and stormy. The harvest was bountiful and the grapes were astoundingly rich. Pairs With… Caramelized scallops with pineapple, spicy sauces, rich gravies, squab, confit of vegetables or citrus fruits, sweet-and-sour sauces and even spices. Excellent with desserts containing roasted fruits (bananas, peaches, citrus fruits).

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