Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880 750ml


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Cuvee 1880 “celebrates the conception of Grand Marnier” (presumably around the year 1880. According to the release, founder Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle decided to blend Cognac with oranges (then considered a luxury item in France). This latest expression blends aged XO Cognacs from the Grand Champagne region, and emphasizes the Cognac over the orange notes for a fuller-bodied, less sweet interpretation. The exotic bottle design is intended to evoke Paris of the late 19th / early 20th centuries, with Art Nouveau and Bell Epoque influences. The design is hand-painted on each bottle, and highlighted with silver and gold accents. Current brand matriarch Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle says the Cuvée 1880 continues a deliberate goal of brand expansion and innovation. “This new prestige marque is for discerning Cognac consumers of the modern age,” she says in the company release.

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