Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon 750ml


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Bourbon’s raw materials are grain, water and wood. It may seem odd to think of bourbon as an agricultural product, but that’s exactly what it is. We work with organic farms in Texas who grow harvest corn and provide it to us fresh. The grain is different from year to year due to agricultural factors: rainfall, temperature fluctuations, farming techniques and soil quality. Additionally, our bourbon barrels are made with white American oak harvested from trees grown on tree farms. We do not use whiskey wood; we use wine wood because these barrels yield more flavor. The same climate issues affect the harvest of American oak from the sustainable forests where we get our wood. The bourbon we produce each year is truly “vintage” bourbon. Year to year, we will change aspects of our recipes, our production methods, our mash bill, and our barreling strategy. Indeed, the bourbon we’re making in 2015 will be far different and far superior to the vintage we made in 2009.

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