Dubonnet Aperitif Blanc 750ml


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Dubonnet is the nation’s top selling aperitif, with a long and storied history that is enjoying renewed popularity as consumers return to classic cocktails. Dubonnet was once the preferred beverage of the French Foreign Legion. Today, Dubonnet is available internationally in both Rouge and Blanc varieties and is a key ingredient in classic drinks such as the Dubonnet Cocktail and the Dubonnet Kiss. Dubonnet embodies the best of the aperitif category. In 1846, French wine merchant Joseph Dubonnet created an original taste for the pleasure of family and friends. His recipe soon gained wide popularity as a refreshing drink and an excellent complement to meals. Not too sweet, not too dry, this great French classic continues to be appreciated by individuals with refined tastes. Producer’s notes: Dubonnet make up a special class called “aromatized” wines – fortified wines that have been flavored with herbs, roots, flowers, barks and other botanicals. Dubonnet Blanc also makes a unique cocktail, as well as an excellent cooking ingredient.

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