Dom Perignon P2 1998 Champagne 750ml


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P2, the new facet of the Dom Pérignon universe, an energetic and different expression of Dom Pérignon Vintage.The product of the secret alchemy of time. The wine with an exacting level of clarity and precision. It is lifted, bursting forth with a penetrating energy, speaking out clearly after a metamorphosis in the absolute silence of the cellars. If all of Dom Pérignon is the pursuit of the finest expression of the best grapes from exceptional years, P2 is definitively the Plénitude Of Energy. Each Dom Pérignon vintage is a distinct act of creation. The Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave’s power of creation is centered upon its absolute dedication to vintage wines, coming exclusively from one year and one year only. It is the result of a long and monitored elaboration process including a precise assemblage and an extended period of maturation of the lees, giving Dom Pérignon champagnes their singularity. The maturation of Dom Pérignon occurs not in a simple linear trajectory, but in successive leaps into new expression, each of which are called Plénitudes. In the long journey of elaboration, the wine goes through this metamorphosis, a transformation. Each Plénitude contributes to Dom Pérignon’s singularity, and after three Plénitudes, Dom Pérignon’s uniqueness is almost completely revealed and accomplished. Each Plénitude has a distinct universe and generates a distinct emotion.

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