Devotion Vodka Original 750ml


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Devotion Vodka Original uses protein to Smooth Out the Vodka in Lieu of Sugar! Process has been used in wines for years. The creators of Devotion have discovered the perfect technique to bring you the smoothest vodka possible. Devotion Spirits is the first company in the world to offer a completely new category in ultra-premium spirits, and marketed under a single brand. The Company was dreamed up by entrepreneur Drew Adelman, a nightlife and dining aficionado and fitness buff who was searching for a way to marry his two passions. The result was Devotion Vodka, the first ever protein-infused spirit. The spirit boasts 80 proof, triple distilled vodka (made from the finest corn), flawlessly infused with PeptoPro® casein, packaged in a sexy bottle. Introducing the World’s First SUGAR-FREE GLUTEN-FREE Vodka Family!

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