Devotion Vodka Create The Perfect Cosmo 750ml


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Bouquet of aromatics of orange, lemon and lime zests. Exquisite pristine clarity. Consistently smooth and level. Complex levels of the citrus wheel notes. Refreshing and balanced with a complete flavor experience. This product is created for anyone that has ever enjoyed a Perfect Cosmopolitan! Devotion Vodka’s Perfect Cosmo gives EVERYONE the ability to become a mixologist in their own home. Our Perfect Cosmo is sugar free and made with all natural ingredients to satisfy ANY Cosmopolitan Fan! Our one twist: Just Add Cranberry! Introducing the World’s First SUGAR-FREE GLUTEN-FREE Vodka Family! THE PERFECT COSMO 2 oz Devotion Perfect Cosmo Vodka Add Splash of Cranberry Juice and Ice Strain and Serve in Martini Glass. Garnish with Lemon Twist

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