Devotion Vodka Blood Orange 750ml


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Full bodied scents of Orange and Citrus notes with exquisite pristine clarity. Consistently smooth and level. Well balanced levels of sweetness, bitterness & citrus profiles. Smooth, flavorful and easy finish without the harshness. The First Sugar Free Gluten Free Blood Orange on the market that takes the true art of vodka distillation to the next level. Our Blood Orange Vodka takes the aroma’s of the Moro Blood Orange combined with the sweetness and tenderness of the Tarocco and Sanguinelli Blood Oranges and tops it off with the bold taste of the Kanhpur Blood Orange to give you the defying smoothness of the best orange flavored vodka in the industry. Introducing the World’s First SUGAR-FREE GLUTEN-FREE Vodka Family! BLOOD ORANGE CRUSH 2 oz Devotion Blood Orange Vodka 1/2 oz Triple Sec Fill Half OJ and Half 7-Up in Highball Glass. Garnish with Orange Wedge

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