Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Ale 750ml


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A darker and more intense sister to the fair and flirtatious Delirium Tremens, Delirium Nocturnum’s vigorous and robust character is something only achieved by the centuries-long traditions and expertise of the Huyghe Brewery. Not for the weak-palated or the faint-of-heart, this brawny beer’s taste is strong, its hops bitter and invigorating, and its alcohol percentage a hearty nine percent. Don’t be afraid, though, if you haven’t developed your beer-tasting muscles over the years. Delirium Nocturnum may be the toast of every beer expert’s table, but that’s not to say that an intrepid beer pioneer couldn’t savor its velvety character and completely appreciate its full-bodied and vivacious flavor. 750ml

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