Cynar Artichoke Liqueur 1L


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Liquor based primarily with artichokes, Cynar, is a versatile and social drink. Low in alcohol, Cynar is quite enjoyable straight or mixed with your favorite soda or tonic. Cynar is a perfect bitter for an after-dinner digestive and can be enjoyed straight or with ice. For a younger flavour, it can be mixed with tonic water or with a splash of soda water, and softened with a slice of orange. Cynar is an artichoke based bitter. Its distinctive flavor is enriched from an infusion of 13 herbs and plants, making it a completely natural drink, rich with perfumes. It perfectly conserves all the health properties of the ingredients used in its preparation. Only slightly alcoholic (16.5%) Cynar is a modern and versatile drink that is always welcome. It is the ideal bitter to slow down the frantic pace of life today. Cynar is one of the world’s most versatile drinks: it is an after dinner drink in Italy, appreciated as a mixer in Brazil and the US, and used to spike beer in France.

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