Belvedere Vodka Wild Berry 750ml


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Belvedere Vodka will refresh your palate and your summer with Wild Berry, the newest flavoured vodka in their award winning portfolio. The perfect combination of Polish zesty strawberries and North American delicate blueberries delivers an invigorating and flavourful taste, inspired by the summer berry harvests. Belvedere Wild Berry is carefully crafted with 100% real fruits and no sugar added, for a refreshing and luscious experience. Widely recognized as the leader in innovation, Belvedere’s newest flavor is created with its unique maceration process, ensuring an aromatic and authentic blend that captures the essence of the berries. The all-natural, juicy flavors in Belvedere Wild Berry come together as the ultimate summer spirit. Whether you are at a chic new rooftop bar or soaking up the sun on the beach of the hottest travel destination, Wild Berry will give your summer the edge it needs. Nose: Bright, fresh and luscious notes of juicy strawberries and tart blueberries with a hint of vanilla and cream Palate: Soft and inviting with intense hints of strawberries and cream, blueberry pie and crushed berries. Gentle acidity which adds refreshment and an impression of juicy, ripe berries Finish: Sustained and refreshing with clean and bright berry notes

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