Atlantico Rum Private Cask 750ml


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The first nose is cool and woody with some minor earthy tones and a soft alcoholic tingle. Second nosing reveals some copper, caramel, luscious toffee and looming sweet berry aromas. It is really quite interesting to see how the aromas evolve with this particular rum as it breathes. Atlantico tastes sweet and slightly woody upfront with toffee, some slightly musty earthy tones and cloudberry. The rum has a viscous mouth feel. Pleasingly warm and long finish with toffee, hints of cloudberry and a whole lot of maple that insists on staying behind after the other flavours have long gone. Atlantico Private Cask consists of aged small batch rums from the Dominican Republic, which are married or blended after being handpicked by Aleco and Brandon and then further aged in small bourbon barrels also known as the “Private Casks.” From these barrels the rum is yet again removed and aged using the Solera method.

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